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Visa Guidelines is back

Alhamdulillah, I got married to a lovely lady by the name of Sarah and we're enjoying our new phase in life since that momentous day.

And yeah, I graduated from the University of Nottingham and thus, escaping from the evil clutches of my medical school. woot2! probably needs a post on this as well but yeah, maybe later.

at the bottom of this blog, there is an article on visa guidelines for medical students graduated from UK medical schools under MARA scholarship who are planning to work as an FY1 doctor in the UK.

After all, it was my visa guidelines which i made 5 years ago that helped me to get to know a lot of people and for some, have now become my close friends. And it helped a lot of other people as well. So I hope that this guideline would ease your efforts a bit. Visa application is always confusing.

Scroll down to the bottom for the guideline

Saturday, January 05, 2013

don't dream it's over

I planned to write this post before the revelation but I couldn't think of what to be written. Now that almost 24 hours have passed since the revelation, I think I'm ready to write something down. After all, this was what my Dad said on the phone just now, "Wafi kalau nak tweet, tweet je. Kalau nak blog, blog je macam biasa. Tak payah malu." At first, I thought he wanted me to stop tweeting silly stuff or reduce my writing on being me. It's the opposite actually, haha and apparently, my Dad completely knows about my online social life. So yeah, I'm wrting this now because you asked me to..

wilted flowers
Adlan Wafi

So yeah, I called my Mum and Dad this morning particularly because calling them yesterday would mean calling them at night in Malaysia. And I'm not telling them something pleasant. Hence, the reason for the delay. 

My Mum answered the phone and I made sure she wasn't doing anything. She can sort of tell what I'm about to say. Then I said it in one go, "Mak, Wafi fail 3 exam". She kept saying the word "takpe" for so many times that I couldn't recall how long it was. She was trying to console me by telling me that it's fine. She reminded me that "Allah uji kita sebab dia tahu kita tahan". 

"Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity..."
(Al-Baqarah, 2:286)

She said it is better for me to suffer now rather than in the future, that I'm going to deal with people's lives in the future. So, it's okay to fail now. She also said that my life journey has been smooth and this is probably the first time I faced with a difficulty in academic terms. 

Then, it was time for my Dad to take over the phone conversation. He mentioned about hikmah. He basically talked about 22:73 about flies which you can happily read here and also about cattle of how Allah submits them to us for our use which is described in 36:71-72 and 43:12-13. He also said that he doesn't mind of what I want to become, an engineer, an accountant, a doctor etc. He just wants me to reach my dream, whatever it may be. But first and foremost, a servant to Allah.

He also told me that he kept bringing his iPad around with him yesterday waiting for my Facetime call. It reminded me of a character from a TV series whom is a father who kept bringing his son's picture around when his son went to war. Well, I'm not going to war but this is my battle.

"It's a different ball game now"
Ayah, 5th of January 2013

That's true Ayah. I'm going to focus and I'm surely not giving up.

And then I talked to my Mum again, in which she wants me to know that I don't have to worry about them. I just have to take care of myself. 

That was it. It was such a long phone call with so many reminiscences of the past by my mum and dad which include:

- how everything went well for UPSR, PMR, SPM, IB
- that there's a reason why I was involved in a car crash by the age of 20
- about my bestfriends O_o and my social support
- about how I usually cried when I was little and Dad would ask me to smile at the end of our conversation

That's true Mak, "there's a reason for everything".

To all my friends who talked to me since yesterday, thank you for all your support and prayers. I've been talking to friends who are already doctors, doing a PhD, peers and even my housemates. Received some tweets, Viber messages, name it, I got it. I know I told you guys to keep it low but with this published blog post, you no longer need to keep it as a secret.

I'll be fine inshaAllah. After all, I do smile a lot. And this hindrance is just going to make me stronger. I will stay strong Mak.

That's all for now. I shall end this post with a quote from Tariq Ramadan, "And remember, don't forget to tell the people you love that you love them". Cause that's exactly what my Dad did before he said goodbye...

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  1. Cheer up! Everything happens for a reason. It's okay to stumble and fall, because when the road is too smooth, there must be something strange with it..or with you. :P

    So be strong ;)

  2. you know you'll find us in the library if you feel like you need any company


  3. *in studying I mean

  4. to stranger and Anonymous,

    thank u! i hope to become an inspiration to other medical students who unfortunately fail in their progress inshaAllah

  5. Persevere...Dont give up!
    insya'Allah,Adlan wafi boleh punye!!! :))

  6. Persevere... Never give up!
    insya'Allah, Adlan Wafi boleh punye :)) terus bergerak!

  7. Adlan Wafi Ramli

    Stay strong and InsyaAllah good things will come to you.

    'Kegagalan ialah kejayaaan tertangguh'

    as for everything that happen, good or bad, is another tool to developing the complete you and you will choose how to use them. I have faith you'll know what to do. :)

    And anytime you want a study partner, we can pakse each other to go to Greenfield.

  8. to Anonymous,

    thanks! i will, inshaAllah

    to Kir,

    thank you :)

    btw, i like that quote hehe. and yes, we're going to survive the one in May too inshaAllah

  9. "Or you can gather pearls and rise back up—stronger from the swim, and richer from the jewels." (Yasmin Mogahed, 2011)

  10. "Know that transformation sometimes begins with a fall. So never curse the fall. The ground is where humility lives. Take it. Learn it. Breathe it in. And then come back stronger, humbler and more aware of your need for Him."

    same citation :)

  11. yeah!!! ;)

    fall down. the world looks different from the ground... takpe, it will be more barakah if we accept it, because we know, by Allah will, anything can happen...


  12. Gagal sesekali itu perlu, supaya kita tidak terus hanyut dengan keselesaan yang ALLAH berikan.


    Kekadang gagal sesekali itu mampu memberikan anjakan paradigma dan memberi kita lebih semangat untuk menempuh hari2 mendatang. Malah dengan kegagalan tu juga mampu menjadikan kita lebih tabah untuk melalui ujian hidup ini. Ini baru peperiksaan, belum realiti lagi.

    Maka, yakinlah dengan ALLAH. ALLAH MAHA tahu, apa yang terbaik untuk hamba2nya. :) go go chaiyokkk. :)

  13. to Mohd Herie Dahlan & ghost :P

    i am grateful to have such wonderful readers! alhamdulillah

  14. I'm 3 weeks late in my response! Just got a chance to sit and read my favourite blogs..
    An Ustaz I heard on the radio once said that even in hardships we should thank Allah for surely he knows best.. It's hard I guess to do that, but have faith and persevere..
    And be thankful to have such strong support around you. You'll overcome this I'm sure InsyaAllah.. All the best Wafi! :)

  15. Oh teacher, thank you for taking your time to leave a comment. It means a lot to me!

    Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

    I'll be fine inshaAllah :)