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Visa Guidelines is back

Alhamdulillah, I got married to a lovely lady by the name of Sarah and we're enjoying our new phase in life since that momentous day.

And yeah, I graduated from the University of Nottingham and thus, escaping from the evil clutches of my medical school. woot2! probably needs a post on this as well but yeah, maybe later.

at the bottom of this blog, there is an article on visa guidelines for medical students graduated from UK medical schools under MARA scholarship who are planning to work as an FY1 doctor in the UK.

After all, it was my visa guidelines which i made 5 years ago that helped me to get to know a lot of people and for some, have now become my close friends. And it helped a lot of other people as well. So I hope that this guideline would ease your efforts a bit. Visa application is always confusing.

Scroll down to the bottom for the guideline

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Location: ELITE Highway, 10.8km
Time: 1800
Day: 7th of Ramadhan 1431 H
Destination: Shah Alam
Vehicle: Honda Accord
The criminal: Adlan Wafi
Passengers: Azizi Al-Hafiz, Syukri Hassan


It was raining cats and dogs. Adlan was on his way to send Choki2 to his house in USJ and later, Azizi at KTM Shah Alam. They had previously spent half a day in KMB meeting with teachers and juniors; it was delightful. While maneuvering the car through the heavy downpour, he was slightly diffident of the idea driving in the rain especially with the poor visibility of the road ahead. Azizi advised him to reduce the speed. He obliged. And then, the rain subsided and his view became more vivid. He was grateful and continued his journey.

Soon after, the rain became more menacing although the situation was not as precarious as before. He was on the middle lane and he was close to entering the exit to USJ. And it happened! 

The car in front braked and all he could do was to brake as well. Suddenly, the tyres in front swirled to the left...thus, the whole car spins a complete 180 degrees and CRASH!

The front part part of the car hit the divider and thankfully, everyone was okay...
Visual aid

So, Azizi & Syuk asked if I was ok. And yeah, I was. I went outside to take a look and ya Allah, teruk jugak. So, I decided to call my mum.

Adlan: "Mak, Wafi accident."
Mak: "WAFIIIII!!!" (she sounded as if she was about to cry, huhu...sori Mak)
Adlan: "Mak, Wafi ok...Wafi ok."
And I could actually hear a hint of relief in her tone of voice. She said don't do anything until she arrives and don't tell my dad about it so that he won't be worried of me.

So, only about an hour later, did help arrived. The tow truck came and off we went into my mum's car. My mum told me that she was talking to my dad 5 minutes before I called and guess what's the topic of their discussion? Me! Dad was asking if I had arrived home. My mum explained that my dad rarely asked whether or not I had arrived home whenever I go off driving somewhere. And I was! Maybe betul kata Syuk, "firasat seorang bapa".

I was feeling really bad for both Azizi and Syuk as they were supposed to have iftar with their family members at home, instead they had iftar with me -_-"

So, eventually my dad calls my mum again. This time, it was time to let him know what had happened. My mum gave her phone to me and all the time, I kept hearing my dad's voice asking if I was okay..."Wafi okay?" over and over again. And aku rasa terharu macam nak nangis sebab Mak dengan Ayah sangat sayangkan aku :')

So, we dropped Azizi off at KTM Subang around 8.30pm and he said "thanks for the experience". Ok, at least he's positive. And Syuk benevolently agreed to show us the way to  the Balai Polis and he stayed with us till about 11.00pm. Syuk kept asking if I was okay since the accident happened; even when we're at the police station at night and he kept putting his arms around me. Huhuhu.

And that's what happened yesterday...

Firstly, I'm not traumatized. I really am okay. But I was nervous when I was interviewed by the sergeant (it was like another medical interview).  It's just that I feel bad, frustrated and guilty. Aku banyak menyusahkan orang - I made my parents worried sooooo much, Azizi's and Syukri's plans for the night was cancelled because of me, and all other people - passers-by who stopped by and asked if I need any help, polis, pak cik tow truck, etc.

Alhamdulillah, no one got hurt. 
Alhamdulillah, I didn't hit anyone.
Alhamdulillah, there were no cars in the left lane.
Alhamdulillah, the tyres swirled to the left instead of to the right.
Alhamdulillah, It wasn't that serious as most people said (but to me, it is).
Alhamdulillah, Azizi and Syukri weren't hurt (if anything happened to them, I'm not sure how I can live with it for the rest of my life). mum gets to meet Azizi and Syukri. Ihik2. 

Ibrahnya...Adlan Wafi, jangan bawa laju-laju masa hujan. Ish3. Alhamdulillah, Allah saved us from a fatal accident. Allah gave us a chance to continue our lives in this world. Maybe Allah wants to teach me how to drive in heavy downpour (Aku pernah drive masa hujan lebat tapi tak pernah drive waktu hujan lebat gilerrrr). Allah gave me an early warning in life so I wouldn't have the tendency to do it in the future. Allah saved us. Oh and by the way, there goes my clean record of zero accidents...

38 reviews:


    Ini cerita havoc ni.
    But all praises to Allah, selain dri kereta tu nothing get injured. (err..or no one? )

    footnote: lepas ni mgkin kena ada larangan utk pembawa kereta amatur memandu dalam hujan lebatt.

  2. adlan2, bawak keta elok2 lain kali..

  3. huhu...sabar adlan...pengalaman cmni la will make u a bttr driver in the future...i would suggest everyone to experience one non-fatal accident in their lives..(a bit extreme tho)

    ak bole bayangkn muka mak ko bile ko call die...hehe...

  4. alhamdulillah.semuanya selamat.Lain kali kena lebih berhati-hati....

  5. ni??

    xpe2..nnt adlan akan snts igt bende nih..jadi petunjuk sepanjang jalan..hehe...

  6. yaALLAH. if im in ur shoes, i would be traumatized. alhamdulillah semua ok. aah. this would be exactly the best reminder for u in the future. for other people as well

  7. mangsa kemalangan semalamAugust 18, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    Azizi advised him to reduce the speed. He obliged.

    pengajarannye disini, dengar nasihat Azizi ;)

  8. (geleng kepala 3 kali sambil istighfar banyak2)

    jgn lupa wat sujud syukur ea adlan.. untuk tarbiyyah n peringatan dr allah di bulan ramadhan.


    jaga diri. jaga iman. jaga amal.

  9. huhu adlan... aku rasa aku pun drive pada waktu yg sama smlm... time ujan mmg lebat tahap x nmpk jalan... tapi alhamdulillah aku slmt... alhamdulillah gak walaupun ko accident, tp ko slmt gak =)

  10. komen sini plak. haha. to quote dato' h: "i would suggest everyone to experience one non-fatal accident in their lives..(a bit extreme tho)"

    i definitely agree. haha. as long as jangan sampai kena post-traumatic stress disorder like me. haha.

  11. yeaaa.wafi and the rest selamat!:)

  12. to Addow,

    tahniah jadi org yg 1st! haha
    alhamdulillah, no one.
    (saye pura2 x nmpk footnote tu)

    to Akmal Aliff,

    ok hensem!

    to Aqeem Azam, sweet. i'm ok aqeem :)

    to dato' h,

    we have to talk soon, personally :D

  13. to cikmanggis,

    alhamdulillah :)
    ye mak cik, insyaAllah. huhu

    to Ahmedkzaman,

    ape ni ahmned?! haha, insyaAllah ;)

    to lyn,

    yup2, may this be a reminder for everyone!

    to mangsa kemalangan semalam,

    aku dah lower the speed laaaa (cuma x lower enough). dah2, jgn buat aku rase bersalah. huhu

  14. to me,

    alhamdulillah, insyaAllah :)

    to Scorpie,

    horror kot hujan waktu tu. scaryyy.
    kau pon drive waktu tu, wahh...ramai jgk org yg drive waktu kejadian ek. huhu

    to teh bunga chrysanthemum,

    wahh, panjangnye nama erni. dato' h punye idea agak drastik :P

    to petite girl,

    yeay...alhamdulillah =)

  15. to Zarith Shafie,

    zulhilmi!!! wuuuuuuuu~

  16. dan pada waktu zuhri shin mendapat panggilan, (aku tengah nak tido), kedengaran dia tergelak..huhu..

    mula2, aku ingat cter lawak.. T_T

    ibrahnye..lain kali, bila kitorang ajak balik, kene ikut balik skali..


  17. to akmal hayat,

    itula...die boleh gelak (bunyi dier hikhik) tp xpela, sbb happy ending kan. haha

    ey, mane ade. krg x ajak aku balik pon :P

  18. Malam smalam masa aku n kawn2 baru balik rumah kawan pon hujan lebat. Lagi terok. masuk banjir, air masuk keta smpai seat sume basah tenggelam. Engin masok air. Semua dlm satu malm.

  19. wahhh, sian kau hafiz. patotla kete kau rosak ek. huhu, skrg ni musim hujan kot...

  20. Alhamdulillah, good that nothing happened..learn from mistakes :)

  21. to Arep,

    ini arif ke?? yeap, i'm ok :)

    to Ameer azhar,

    insyaAllah ameer, thanks! =)

  22. wafi ok wafi ok?

    ur parents are so loving

    alhamdulillah korang pnjang umur
    sujud syukur weh

  23. alhamdulillah, my parents are so loving :)))))

    mari kite amalkan sujud syukur!

  24. to itana,

    huhu, alhamdulillah :)

    to Hafeez Kamal,


  25. Alhamdullilah, no injuries! I pernah experienced that, so I kinda know how you felt during that particular moment. Mmg cuak habes kan? But trust me, these experiences lah buat kite rse lagi nak dkt dgn Allah. Can be said He wants us to love him more =)

  26. to Akmal Hayat,


    to safira,

    oh, u've experienced something like this before? wow!

    well, rasenye x smpt nak rase takut pon sbb everything happens so fast, huhu. and i still remember that i was smiling after the incident; for being me...being thankful to Allah :)

  27. to safira,

    jap, u're from class D ek? ok, now i remember...yeah2, ur story was spread widely among kmbians. alhamdulillah, it went well for u...;)

  28. alhamdulillah semuanya selamat
    hikmah yg besa tuh =)
    jom kita drive dgn berhikmah nxt time adlan! ^^

  29. to aozora,

    yup2, hikmah yg sgt besar.
    alhamdulillah :)

    insyaAllah, lebih berhikmah next time...;)

  30. bang adlan. sekurang-kurangnya ibu bapa kamu sangat memahami. tak macam aku ni, accident lagi kena marah adalah. trauma terus. bukan nak tanya selamat ke ok ke apa ke. sabar je lah...

  31. ADLANNN!!
    wlaupun ni da lame jadi. tp cuz baru bace, sy maseh tekejut. wuwu

    hm..len kali be more careful okayh?
    wlaupun byk instances soo sweet in ur story (like ur mom + dad + kwn2 accident bersama) still, accident ape2 pun x sweet. =P

  32. to amirul,

    sesungguhnye ibu bapamu terlalu menyayangi kamu :)

    setiap parents ade cara tersendiri utk mendidik anak, maybe ini cara mereka. tabahkan hati crixerity, jgn trauma dan drive lg...;)

    to izyan.ariff,

    commentmu x bley bla! haha. ok2, saye drive more carefully next time insyaAllah. so sweet!