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Visa Guidelines is back

Alhamdulillah, I got married to a lovely lady by the name of Sarah and we're enjoying our new phase in life since that momentous day.

And yeah, I graduated from the University of Nottingham and thus, escaping from the evil clutches of my medical school. woot2! probably needs a post on this as well but yeah, maybe later.

at the bottom of this blog, there is an article on visa guidelines for medical students graduated from UK medical schools under MARA scholarship who are planning to work as an FY1 doctor in the UK.

After all, it was my visa guidelines which i made 5 years ago that helped me to get to know a lot of people and for some, have now become my close friends. And it helped a lot of other people as well. So I hope that this guideline would ease your efforts a bit. Visa application is always confusing.

Scroll down to the bottom for the guideline

Monday, March 10, 2014

here we go again

Hello everyone,

My name's Adlan Wafi Ramli and I recently experienced failures for the second time.

But somehow, I'm pretty calm for a few reasons:
1. being me
2. I asked a few friends to make du'a so Allah will give me peace and serenity when the revelation day was approaching
3. Cause I quite like the idea of redeeming myself

Now, let's hear this story of mine this time around. Firstly, I would like to apologize that I'm writing another post about failures for a second time. I was pretty confident that "don't dream it's over" would be the the last one (currently, it is the 4th most viewed post of all time on this blog and I didn't have to put it up on FB like I usually do).

Last Friday, 7.3.14

Just need to do a shout out to my mutarabbi, that we had usrah on the night before Revelation Day. And you guys definitely took away my anxiety. So, thank you. I really appreciate the time you spent with me. So, apa lagi, jom join usrah!

It was a really good day. I managed to cut my nails as its sunnah, even had time to perform duha prayer between lectures because I didn't do any of these when I left home in the morning cause I was in a hurry. Me, Syakir & Hosni went to the results room to get our envelopes. Yeah, for Finals, each one of us have our own envelopes.

The envelope

The initial plan was not to open it up since I was going on a hiking trip with my usrah mates for the weekend and if I were to fail, that would definitely made me feel sulky. And then I saw a lot of people posting their statuses on FB saying that they are now Dr "insert surname" which I liked all of them cause they were such happy news. So, I can't help peeking through the transparent plastic and read the sentence behind my address & saw that it contained the words "repeat" and "penalty". And if you read this post entitled "survive the game", I've posted the letter that you'd receive if you failed and I don't think they would put those words in a letter for a person who passed their Finals.

I peeked through the plastic window and learned the result of my Finals

So that's when I realized that I failed and I've called some people who passed to confirm the content of their letters. So yeah, I failed. That was VERY disappointing. I had so many plans that I've had in mind if I were to pass. Because I've seen the seniors from previous years and what they had during the weeks after Revelation Day was pure happiness. No care about the medical world (most of them) and just do whatever you wanted to do. I was really looking forward to that. Really wanted that feeling. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

And when I went back on FB and saw more of these statuses on FB about becoming doctors, I liked them all again just because they're really good news & they're inspiring.

My plans after Revelation Day

The things which I planned to do if I pass Finals on my first attempt (in no particular order):

1. Go to Ashraf Zakwan's house to cook him some salmon since he's so busy with PhD.
2. Go to Leeds and London to see my friends.
3. Book plane tickets to go to Cork and Dublin.
4. Go and see my Mum and Dad who will be in Ireland between March and April.
5. Plan really fun activities for my mutarabbi.
6. Take my friends from 18 Lace St to go for a ride on my car and go somewhere.
7. Buy a cheesecake in Wollaton.
8. Read books which are not medical-related.
9. Attend ALL national & local events.
10. Bake a cake.

I really wanted to cook salmon for you but that's okay, you'd still be around iA (source)

11. Clean the microwave in my house because it looks horrendous.
12. Call a lot of my family members (Opah, Mak Su, etc) and friends in Malaysia.
13. Cook more than once a week for my housemates.
14. Go to KFC more often.
15. Memorize more verses from the Quran.
16. Buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
17. Be a better naqib.
18. Go on a shopping spree and buy wedding gifts for my friends who are getting married.
19. Buy flight tickets to go back to Malaysia asap.
20. Organize some teaching sessions for Amir Fikri and friends (3rd Year Medics).
21. Take Akhtar for a ride in my car to go wherever he wants to.
22. Start preparing for MRCP.

This is an oreo cheesecake

So I want to say sorry to everyone related to the above list because I am unable to continue with my wishes. I have to do this the hard way..again.

How did I feel on Friday?

Firstly, it was hard to take in because I've only experienced being "normal" aka student without failed credits for less than 2 months. I love that feeling. When I passed 4th Year completely, it was so awesome! But now I'm back in limbo. I feel like going into the Hunger Games for the second time. 

I also initially felt like not wanting to go on that hiking trip but then I changed my mind. I need this vacation. I need to see my friends. So we went to a place called Hope. How beautiful is Allah's plans; it's like a message to me.


If I were to pass, I planned to call my Mum and tell her that I have a birthday gift which is me becoming  a doctor (because her birthday was just a day before Revelation Day). But no, that plan would have to be postponed.

But anyway, I didn't open up the envelope because I know that if I find out that I've failed multiple things, I would be devastated. So I left it unopened but I already know that I failed from that Friday. In addition, I also learned that I passed the Knowledge exams via online. So, I know that I've passed Knowledge but not yet known if I've failed one or both OSCEs :(

Hiking up the hills for hours

I was asked to deliver a short tazkirah and I originally wanted to present something about success/failures but that would have been too obvious. After all, I've announced to my usrah mates that I would only reveal my results on Sunday. So, I went with something that is inspiring by Akhi Ikmal Nordin whom I haven't met for ages! The beautifully written post - Twinkle twinkle little star.


I think going on the trip was a really great decision and for me not to tell them until Sunday was also strategically planned. I didn't want them to feel bad for me throughout the treacherous paths that we've encountered. It was such a cool experience going on that hiking trip. The views were simply majestic.


It was the day to open the envelop. Somehow, before I opened the envelope, I sort of have this feeling that I'm going to fail both OSCEs. I was ready and opened it up and confirmed my suspicion that indeed I've failed both OSCEs. Of course, I was frustrated but it didn't really crush me. Medschool, you failed. You failed to bring me down. 

I just have a feeling that if I were to fail, I would fail in the worst or one of the worst possible ways. I cannot simply just fail one assessment, but I have to fail multiple things. Because Allah wants to give me a cool experience. So when I passed all of them, it would be epic iA!

Not gonna kidding you, I was jumping up and down in my room as if I just passed Finals. And when I look at myself in the mirror, it's a mixture of anxiety + excitement. 

The following sentences were added today after the feedback meeting at King's Mill - I don't know why I was so positive in this post. Right now, I feel so low.

So now, my remaining exams change from this..


To this..


When you said that I'm "pandai"

Dear Syakir, I have to explain something to you about the lunch we had at Bonzai after the last exam with Hosni. When we talked about the failures of 4th Year and how we agreed that a lot of people who are bright and smart but ended up failing multiple assessments and then I said, "ye, orang pandai pon fail".

Then, you said "Adlan pandai jugak tapi fail". And then I blushed and smiled. It's not because I was proud or felt superior but it was because I don't think I am "pandai" and  to hear that coming from you whom is one of the smartest medics I've known, that sort of gave me hope. Yes, I'm not that smart and that's okay. I've come to terms with that throughout the 5 years. 

Nasi lemak at Bonzai

Indeed, I was one of the top students (not THE top but let's say top decile) in most of my academic career until I arrived at The University of Nottingham. So when I failed in 4th Year, it definitely crushed me. I was devastated. Never in my life had I ever failed so epically.  

Let me remind you what happened last year..

In November 2012, I failed 3 exams in which all of them took place in the same week. So, I definitely felt worthless to have achieved something like that. And in May 2013, it was either I make it into 5th Year or enter gap year.

In February 2014, I failed 2 exams which took place in the same week. This time, I'm ready to face it all again. Yeah, I'm tired of failing. Letih kot. Leceh jugak. I'm so gutted.

When I phoned you Syakir, I said, "It's like May 2013 all over again". Which is true. Because this time around, I will either graduate or enter 5th Year again.

Tak nak lalui medical school kat Nottingham dah. Cukup, cukuplah.

A silver lining on Monday

Monday was the day of the results of our foundation year placements. Again, this is the 2nd year consecutively where it is oversubscribed (read: more applicants than the no of jobs available). So you can see why medics in Nottingham are feeling pretty stressful - 2 results back to back; Finals on Friday and job placements on Monday. 

I really had a strong feeling that I was going to get a job at North Western because it's going to be the perfect irony for me. Everything is part of Allah's plans. He wants me to have the job but I have to work hard for it. Hence the double failures.

So I was sitting next to Hosni and then, he told me (we were having a lecture in a small room) that FPAS was out. He got Trent which was his first choice. And then I got nervous. I didn't want to open up my application next to him and in the middle of a small room! Iman and Syakir were in that room as well. People could have seen my reaction if I didn't get a job!

I have a job waiting for me despite this year being oversubscribed for the 2nd year running. Alhamdulillah.

But I opened it anyway. I have nothing to be afraid. Then, I looked at the first page and it looked different than usual. Then, I saw the words "North Western" at the top right corner (image above) and showed Hosni, if that was what I think it was. He nodded and I was beaming with joy. I couldn't contain my excitement. It was such a good news. I have extra motivation to pass the resits. You should've seen my face. Pure happiness. I got my 1st choice.

Time to call home

Since last year was quite a really sad phone call, I want to turn this into a much more confident one. This time, I want to be the one to motivate my parents. Because last year, it was them trying to give me words of encouragement. So I called them and my mum answered it. So I told her everything. That I failed both OSCEs. I was aiming not to make her cry and I succeeded! Alhamdulillah. I convinced her that I'm not giving up and then I talked to my Dad and I was being sarcastic about the medschool. So, in a nutshell, I think I showed them that I was very determined to graduate this year. And I will, inshaAllah.

I will eat this chicken whenever I want to. You can't judge me.

Faiz Khalid

One thing about Faiz; that is if you're friends with him, it is so hard to get in touch with him because he's so busy even when he's in the UK! So I guess I have to fail drastically in order for us to have a FaceTime chat. Funnily enough, I think the last time I FaceTimed him was the time when I failed 4th Year. It's like deja vu all over again. So yeah, it was nice talking to him after so long and also because I have the good news that I have a job waiting for me in August 2014.

I also said to him that I will enter each of the 12 stations and 5 stations of OSCE 1 and 2 respectively "dengan semangat membara".

What now?

These are the things that are going to happen:
  • I won't be going home in April unfortunately. But I will go home in May iA. 
  • Resits are in the last week of April.
  • Elective period is reduced.
  • Haven't bought my flight tickets so that was another strategically planned decision.
  • Face double OSCEs (sounds like May 2013)
  • Work hand and enjoy the journey to Finals the 2nd. The Final Redemption.
And I believe these are all part of Allah's plans to give me the best possible chance at not just to become a good doctor but to become a better Muslim...

5 reviews:

  1. No one says it's going to be easy. I kinda understand - I'm studying to be a healthcare professional as well, though not in medschool :P. Whenever I get depressed and the idea of quitting becomes overwhelmingly tempting, I tell myself that if it's all nice and easy, I probably wouldn't be entrusted with people's lives (and that's a big deal). After all, isn't it better to make mistakes now so that we could learn more from them? :)
    Ah, sorry for the long rant. All I wanted to say was don't give up just yet. Everyone has their own time to shine!
    And here's a short (but meaningful) song to cheer you up -

  2. I am not the best to say that we should brace our self and just keep on crawling to the end. Most importantly we always know that Allah really always there watching over us, loving us more than anyone can ever loves us. InsyaAllah you will one be a fine and exemplary doctor one day Dr Wafi

    sleep tight and may Allah gives us strength to keep being positive and obedient to Him ^^

  3. Hi Adlan. We don't know each other, but I super love to read you blog. And looking from this entry, I can clearly tell that you're ready to face it again, with confidence! I'm doing pharmacy, and I know medic is hundred times tougher, I remember my friend once failed her exam, and my akak usrah who was doing medic at that time said that it is normal for student to fail in medic. That shows how hard medic is.

    Eh tetibe dah panjang komen haha, Anyway,semoga Allah kurniakan kejayaan yang cemerlang for you. I'm in my final year as well, and I know exactly perasaan nak balik rumah for good tu sbb rasa macam argh dah penat duduk tempat orang nak balik. :) All the best Adlan!

  4. i failed too but not in exams but got barred from exams due to failed to finish my requirements. that was back in 2010 when i was in my 4th year. i have to repeat and extend 1 year just because of those damn requirements. but believe what..after i graduated and served d people, it's just that ooo that is it..i learnt alot when i was repeating my 4th year because that time i had to be trained more and learnt more as to be pros like the others.. and due to that matters, i learnt not to take 1 thing simply even if it's just a matter or how u brush ur teeth..ooppss

    chill and may u go through it smoothly..ameen..

  5. I just read this Wafi. I hope you're feeling much better than you did 2 weeks ago. Keep on being positive and though this is a difficult time for you. Keep on working hard. Will be praying for you. ps/ read my latest post on my blog ok? :)