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Visa Guidelines is back

Alhamdulillah, I got married to a lovely lady by the name of Sarah and we're enjoying our new phase in life since that momentous day.

And yeah, I graduated from the University of Nottingham and thus, escaping from the evil clutches of my medical school. woot2! probably needs a post on this as well but yeah, maybe later.

at the bottom of this blog, there is an article on visa guidelines for medical students graduated from UK medical schools under MARA scholarship who are planning to work as an FY1 doctor in the UK.

After all, it was my visa guidelines which i made 5 years ago that helped me to get to know a lot of people and for some, have now become my close friends. And it helped a lot of other people as well. So I hope that this guideline would ease your efforts a bit. Visa application is always confusing.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


 19th - 24th January 2010
Dublin - Cork - Galway

Yeah, I know it's a bit late for this post but better late than never huh?

And so I chose Ireland as the 1st country for me to go to after arriving in the UK, and I have to say, it was a good decision indeed :)

1st day (night actually), 19th

Arrival at Dublin Airport and along came Adib and Jannah to pick us up. And that night was the last time I saw Iman. We went our separate ways through all 3 destinations though...;)

I went to Trinity Hall which was cool cause it's huge and played Akmal's air hockey set with Adib.

2nd day, 20th

Today's an important day cause I wanted to prove that it's only 8 cm.

That morning, me, Adib, Fana and Fifah went out for a short tour around the city since I have to catch a train to Cork. And when I said goodbye to Fana and Fifah from the taxi, it's almost like a dramatic scene from a movie. Hahaha.

 The Monument of Light

The train is very much similar to the ones in the UK as the toilet has a futuristic touch. One thing which made me excited was that my name appeared on the display at my seat. The view? Astonishing and made me feel serene.

The funny thing is, they worried too much about me when I arrived in Cork :P
Xpe, I appreciate it.

What I enjoyed:
1. Meeting the whole Corcaigh lot.
2. Staying in the room with Al-Hafiz that whole afternoon.
3. Syuk's cooking - Lamb ribs!
4. Ikut Zuhri pergi Centra beli susu.
5. Going to all the boys' rooms and finally know how it really looks like after all those Skype calls.
6. Mior told me what Haidir said.

Castle White, Cork

One more thing, asal diorang tak study??? Letih aku datang weekdays nak tengok diorang study, sheesh. So, I opened up NLE (Network Learning Environment - this is Nottingham's website for Medics) and asked Syuk to do some MBM (Molecular Basis of Medicine - sort of like Biochemistry). Hahaha :D

3rd day, 21st

So, I went to the "Good Stuff" lecture and I almost clapped my hands at the end of the lecture, hahaha. I had Nasi Goreng Ayam for lunch and Ain gave me a karipap!

It was raining that noon but Syuk, Zuhri and me did go out for a stroll nonetheless. To be honest, I do love the rain. It's just that I prefer to watch it through the window. I had fish and chips for lunch and a few minutes later, it's time for me to catch the train back to Dublin.

"Jom stay kat Ireland"

"Nanti datang lagi tau"

"Adlan tak bawak apa-apa pon untuk aku dari Notts"

Back in Dublin, I rode on the Luas to go back to the city and took a bus back to Adib's place. I bumped into Jannah which made me glad cause I didn't know the stop for Trinity Hall. Me, Adib and Akmal had dinner while watching Gokusen. Next, it was time to see the person yang tak puas hati aku pergi Cork the very next day after arriving in Dublin :P

Yeah, me, Helmi and Izzul went to Rico's for extra dinner. We had long chats, I mean lonnnggggg chats which I enjoyed cause it's really been a while. That's when I realized that Ribena Strawberry pon ada kat Ireland.

4th day, 22nd

That morning, I went for a walk with Izzul in the city of Dublin! I kinda enjoy cause it's like having a walk with my mum. The only difference is it's with Izzul, hahah. And I got a white hot chocolate drink. So we went around Stephen's Green and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).



Then, we went to Trinity College Dublin (TCD) where I bumped into Nayd, Izzi and Arshad. After Solat Jumaat, Akmal took us to the Book of Kells tour (at this point, Helmi is now with us) and around TCD. Too bad they don't allow cameras, I would have taken a picture of the old library. 



Later, me, Helmi and Izzul went to Blanchardstown Centre for lunch. And I chose the place to eat, which was - Boots! Yeah, Boots has cheap meal deals so you might want to try and have a go there. By the way, I never knew that Boots can also be found in Ireland, heh.

Next, it was time for me and Adib to take a train to Galway. We bumped into Nabil Aiman in the train. I just love bumping into people, reminds me of those days in KMB. 

It was very cold that night in Galway. Thankfully, some Muslim brothers offered us a ride to Pejan's, Weez's and Naim's house.

5th day, 23rd

Today's the day where me and Adib go to the Cliffs of Moher. Along the way, we did stopped at several few sites and the view; lovely...






That night, it's time to meet Amal and the rest. Oh and yeah, when Amal opened the door to her house, it's like another dramatic scene. Haha, saya jumpa Erni Bidin juga di dapur.

Sweet people of Galway

What I enjoyed:
1. Aisyah Razak told me something sweet.
2. Miza told me something sweet too.
3. Lyn said something sweet about Hosni.
4. I told something sweet about Helmi Sohor to Jihan.
5. Naim did something sweet to me.
6. Amal gave me twist puddings which are definitely sweet!


So, that night, 2 reunions of M07J took place. One in Cardiff and one in Galway (Fana even called me). 

7th day, 24th

It's the last day in Ireland.

So, we headed back to Dublin via bus (Note to readers, it's faster to go to Galway via bus than the train). 

So, it's the last day and I haven't seen Akmal Azman. Yup, that's my next stop. And I got to see his room and he cooked well. Impressive!

Too bad I couldn't stay that long cause I had to go to UCD next. At least, I get to talk to him while he's cooking. Arif was already off to Spain and Huda was somewhere else at that time.

As soon as I arrived to UCD, Fitri Hakim came and fetched me at the bus stop. So, while Baith and Fakhri were cooking, Fitri took me for a tour around UCD in the dark, hahaha.

And I get to meet Ali (bukan nama sebenar) and Mozac (bukan nama sebenar juga). Too bad I didn't bring any muffins for Mozac :P

Plus, guess who I found in Luqman Hariz's room? Yup, Aqeem!

Well, I was sort of in a rush so, I had to go back to Trinity Hall and go to the airport in like less than 2.5 hours. Another cool thing happened, I found Ika (Zulaikha Zainol) and Atiqah Zainal kat tepi jalan. Long story short, they helped me get back to Trinity Hall quickly. Haha, asyik jumpa orang je kalau kat Dublin ni -baru jumpa Nayd and Atiqah Jamaludin dalam bas that same morning.

So, I arrived at the airport and finally met up with the budak yang tengah cuak sorang-sorang. See, we made it in time. And she didn't even answer my question.

As soon as I get back to Nottingham, I made up these plans:
1. Stay in Nottingham for the whole February.
2. The next time to go to Ireland would be in my 2nd year.

Yeah right! No. 1 can be cancelled out already since I've gone to Manchester last week. I even have doubts about no. 2. After all, I've got a Dublin Bus Rambler card and I haven't taken the pictures for UCC and NUIG. Hehe, pandai Adlan cari alasan.

Aku anggap pergi Ireland tu macam balik kampung, HAHAHAHA. 

 I call this shirt...shades of grey

So yeah, that's my Ireland trip. It was a blast going to all 3 places and I love you Allah for giving them to me...

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  1. "went to the "Good Stuff" lecture and I almost clapped my hands at the end of the lecture"

    seriously i laugh reading this :P

    "I told something sweet about Helmi Sohor to Jihan."

    haha.miss them much. whatever la adlan told jihan bout helmi :p

    "found Ika and Atiqah Zainal kat tepi jalan."

    tepi jalan? ayat yang cam lawak.

    after loong time didnt update, u came up wit sthg fun to be read ^^

  2. budak yang tengah cuak sorang-sorangFebruary 20, 2010 at 2:55 PM


    i had fun okay while waiting i put my ipod on i made a few phone calls i even talked to the lady at the airport counter

    anyhow, i did want to answer your question tapi tak sampai hati nak crush your heart in a stressful moment like that..haha! soalan serious tak bole blaa i thought if i din answer it you wouldve known the answer anyway, so there :)

    and ooohh, one more thing if you look at it in a funny way, boleh jadi macam dalam amazing race where people fight if one of em slacken off :DD lucky you din get your head ripped off mister :P

    glad to know you had such a wonderful trip over there :)

    ps; orang tak cuak lah wehh. see i even said we could buy new tickets if we missed that one :p

  3. "Aku anggap pergi Ireland tu macam balik kampung"

    balik la kampung selalu ye nakk :p

    and yeah bashu, sangat la lawak suddenly jumpa orang notts yang sedang keliru seorang diri di tengah-tengah kota dublin sedangkan flight dia sipi2 nak termiss. tepi jalan pulak tu. haha

    glad u enjoyed coming over to ireland! (^o^)v

  4. waaaaaaa i enjoyed so much reading dis!!! adlan dun forget we need to go to giant causeway okie!! i havent go yet tao takkkkk. tgu adlan. cewahhh. menarik!!!

  5. haha..! nmpak gayanya galway sume dpt yg 'sweet' stuff je ye, adlan.. =P

  6. to itana,

    yeah, i almost clapped my hands...really. nasib baik tak. nak tau pasal helmi tu? tanyela die :D

    and mmg sengaja nak bg lawak letak kat tepi jalan, hehe.

    yeah, agak lama x update. ade lg posts tersimpan dlm blog ni, hoho. glad u like it!

    to budak yang tengah cuak sorang-sorang,

    banyaknye duit boleh beli tiket baru :P

    to zulaikhazainol,

    ye, nnti saya balik kg lg, huhu. thanks for showing me the quickest bus to trinity hall!

    ey, but i did enjoy bumping into krg kt tepi jln (mcm jln2 kt kl and then terjumpe org; cuma ni kat dublin which is cooler sbb overseas and it's cooler literally)

    to farhana il,

    haha, ye2. bgtau siap2, huhu n then masak nasi lemak! or ape2 je la :D

    to ~* ..Noor Amalina..*~

    org galway mmg sweet je...hahahaha ;)

  7. haha..! then come again..there's still aran island for u guys to discover.. (^^) n then i could try new recipe for u guys..aha.. =P

  8. hehe, insyaAllah. there's more to see...;)

  9. cis.. curi gamba clover orang lain...

  10. kantoi sebulan lebih x ziarah blog