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Visa Guidelines is back

Alhamdulillah, I got married to a lovely lady by the name of Sarah and we're enjoying our new phase in life since that momentous day.

And yeah, I graduated from the University of Nottingham and thus, escaping from the evil clutches of my medical school. woot2! probably needs a post on this as well but yeah, maybe later.

at the bottom of this blog, there is an article on visa guidelines for medical students graduated from UK medical schools under MARA scholarship who are planning to work as an FY1 doctor in the UK.

After all, it was my visa guidelines which i made 5 years ago that helped me to get to know a lot of people and for some, have now become my close friends. And it helped a lot of other people as well. So I hope that this guideline would ease your efforts a bit. Visa application is always confusing.

Scroll down to the bottom for the guideline

Monday, December 31, 2012


What have you done so far this holiday? 

I've done a lot really. I know, I didn't go to a foreign country for a vacation since I didn't make plans earlier but I did some other cool stuff along the way & I also have some things that I look forward to..

PMS - Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk 2012

Yeah, I've been to this event for 4 years in a row and I have a different role every single year. This time, I am one of the AJK Pengisian. You know what? I've been wishing to have this position since last year (maybe because I saw the people in the 2012 team and realized "Hey, you're missing one more person - ME" since 2 of them are my best friends & by having me, it would be complete). But I also want this role because you can control (when I use the word "control" it does sounds like I'm crazy for power :P ) what the event is designed for. And I just love having a role in making those kinds of decision, heh.

It's very different to my role last year. As someone who controls (muahahaha) the event design, you have to think a lot. And Allah bombarded us with problems during the event; one after another which include the Malaysian speaker missed his 12-hour-flight from Malaysia, one local speaker withdrew from coming to the event but he did send someone else which caused another problem - he talked about something that we didn't originally planned! I just love these unexpected predicaments..probably because I have 4 other people to depend on when we need to solve these problems :D

And yes, this year is the last PMS for most of my friends from my year (who came to the UK in 2009) since most of them are doing a 4-year-degree programme. So it would be quite weird when they're not around next year. But yeah, I'm prepared mentally. It was also interesting that the director of PMS 2012 is the very person who only attended once (maybe). It was the irony of the season.

Plus, thanks to Team Media for including me in your video!! Nabil Ali rarely includes me in his productions :P Even if he did, the video will not be uploaded and if the video contains some shots of me, my face is probably covered in a blanket or hidden by the sunset. Haha. Ok kidding Nabil, jangan marah.

My 4th Year plans

You know, me moving into this new house is all part of my master plans. Plans which I didn't reveal entirely to any of my friends or family but some people do know some of them. As I said, plans NOT plan. So, some of you may know some of them. And some of you would not know at all, muahahaha. And everything is set in motion & they need to be perfect. So that's all I can say about my secret plans on my blog. Kah3. 

Don't worry readers, some of the plans have actually been written on this blog if you're smart and attentive ;)

Week of Moments

I just blurted this phrase to Lut yesterday when I told him that a lot of things will happen this week. The week that defines my future. If I make it through, I will book my plane ticket to Malaysia on that very day. I know it's not going to affect my holiday in May but it's going to affect me as an overachiever definitely (aku poyo, I know). Well, you know how it went when I didn't get Psychiatry for my 3rd Year project - 1 year of posts are just me talking about this O_o

So yeah, it will be quite a meaningful week to me depending on how everything goes.

I'm also going to talk to the people I care on Skype tonight (^^,)

And I would like to end this post with this photo :D

Allah is the best planner. Remember this. Welcome 2013...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

meet me halfway

Adlan Wafi Ramli
Bachelor of Medical Sciences
(photo taken by Nazmi)

You see, one of the reasons why I chose Nottingham as my university is because of its double degree feature. Although of course the Bachelor of Medical Sciences is not the aim, I can get extra points for my application if I were to work in the UK after graduating with BMBS in 2014 which is definitely awesome.

Me & Hosni

So yeah, I initially didn't feel like graduating because it's not really the end of the medical programme, but after attending Kamal's graduation in summer this year, I changed my mind. I decided to graduate because I want to hear my name being pronounced by a native English speaker, hahaha. Thankfully, my name was correctly mentioned. And one of my favourite lecturers was present as well, Dr Todd (Immunology). I should have waved enthusiastically at him :P

Me & Syakir

Who knew that graduation can be so tiring? I was exhausted by the end of the day. My Mum came to see me the week before. I could have asked her to stay a little while longer but I didn't want to burden her. Her presence definitely made me forget about the horrifying exams I had in November and plus, I got to eat all the delicious & wonderful dishes of hers. And it was so sweet of her to come to England just to see me ^_^

And here are some of my mum's dishes:

And here are some of the photos from graduation:

And to my friends (Raja Abdullah Hakim aka King, Alif, Capek and Abang Shah) who came all the way from Manchester for our graduation, thank you. It means a lot, really especially since King kept mentioning about my graduation ever since I told him when we were freshers (Muhammad Hanif Noor Izan was also one of the people who kept saying that he wanted to come but he got married this year so he's excluded :P). To everyone who has given your wishes on FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, text messages or even direct conversations, thank you.

Flowers from my housemates :)

During Graduation, I kept seeing my colleagues holding bouquets of flowers and I'm usually not bothered by flowers. But for some reason yesterday, I was like, "I want one" lol. When I left the graduation hall, Haq handed me a bouquet of flowers which definitely made my day. You should've seen my face. I was pretty excited, hehe.

Yeap, if you've read my tweet, I'm glad that I attended the graduation yesterday. I'm feeling more motivated now (though not thoroughly confident with my recent exams) and looking forward to the future ;)

So, I guess you can call me a post-grad student now, can't you? Hahaha...

Saturday, November 03, 2012


Don't worry people, I'm not in denial of my age. It's more of a reflection; which is something that I usually do every year on my birthday.

22 has been a long journey. So much drama has happened particularly in this period of time that I think if my life was a primetime drama, it would win an Emmy :P

Anyway, back to reality. 

Today is actually the day of iGames in Manchester. Naturally, I would have gone to the event where I would meet a lot of morale boosters which can give me some inspiration but instead, I stayed at home with medical books. I sort of promised myself that I shall not be enjoying myself until I finish my exam which will be from the 19th - 30th of November 2012. So, I need to decide which events to go to or not; and I decided to forgo this one unfortunately.

Currently studying Paediatric Cardiology -_-

It's not that bad. I celebrated my birthday with my driving instructor by having the final lesson today in which I PASSED the Mock Test!! Awesomeness! I called home and Irfan Wafi was the first to answer and immediately sang "Happy Birthday" to me. That was such a super cute moment; I miss my little brother so badly. I talked to Mum and Dad about almost everything that crossed my mind. I got a tart and a 2013 diary. And I got wishes from Twitter, WhatsApp, iMessage, FB messages and even a FaceTime call. So dear Akmal Aliff, just because they didn't pop up on Facebook, doesn't mean I didn't get any ;P

So thank you everyone for making my day :)

When you do get gifts from someone, try to make good use of them. Use the gifts for good things so that the giver will also benefit from your actions, inshaAllah.

And it was interesting to see if people would treat you differently if they knew your birthday, ihik2.

Just before I go, I have just one last wish, let's make dua for you and me, that we always be thankful for everything that Allah has given us ;)

Cause sometimes we (read: me) often overlook the blessings that were given to us.

Till then, my name is Adlan Wafi and I am now 23...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

eyes open

Eid mubarak everyone :)

The one in the photo is mine and the one in the screen is my person's

I know, I haven't been on the worldwide web for a while due to various commitments. But I just can't leave being me with no updates, can I?

It's obvious, I'm approaching my examination and this time it's bigger than ever. With 100 credits at stake, failures would result into failure of Year 4 (because the total number of credits is 180 and you cannot fail more than half). And you know I wouldn't talk about failure unless I'm serious about it. 

Nevertheless, I need to remind myself of something morale-boosting. That's why for the first time ever (I might be wrong) being me is going to give you tips! And this time it is on:

AW's How to Deliver A Top Notch Presentation!

If you've been reading my blog posts since KMBian days, you'd know that I'm crazy about doing presentations. Presentation is like the best type of assessment ever (followed closely behind by coursework).

And if you remember the module CFU (Community Follow-Up) from this post; I obtain a score of 100% for the presentation, alhamdulillah & the recent presentation I did a few weeks ago for my CHH (Child Health) module or Peadiatrics made me one of the students in the running for the Medical Student Prize :D

Technically, presentation is all about catching the eyes of the audience and the assessors. If you succeeded in doing that, your job is done. My tips are designed for the typical Microsoft Powerpoint slideshows, so here they are..

1. Use pictures

It's so easy to do yet so easy to miss. All you have to do is Google pictures and put them on your slideshow. Make your presentation filled with pictures. Not many people can stand slides of words. So, put some pictures in between...please!

Does this make you want to get into your duvet?

What about this one?

2. Don't adjust the font size

Unless you're using Prezi, don't you dare make the font size smaller. If you had to change the size of your fonts, that means you've put too many info and the old man sitting closest to the door will start to snore in the next 5 minutes. So...just...don't.

3. Eye contact

It is both my strength and my weakness. My strength because when I make eye contact with the audience, I sort of able to enchant them with my words but it's my weakness because I don't always have the will to look into their eyes because of my nerves. So yeah, make eye contact and you can rule the world.

4. Don't read from the slides

Seriously, don't. I would usually spend a good 1 hour practicing my presentation in my room (sometimes with a music in the background so that my housemates won't think that I've gone bonkers talking to myself in my room for a long period of time). I would make sure I remember what I want to say on specific slides rather than writing them down on pieces of notes. You can write on notes if you're presenting orally but if you have a slideshow, the slides can somehow serve as visual cues for you to remember what to say. It's up to you really..just don't read from the slides okay. The slides are for the audience to read NOT you.

5. Stick to the time given

I don't think I've ever surpassed the time limit for any given presentation unless of course, I need to surpass the time to pass the assessment. Like for the most recent presentation of mine, I had 44 slides and the assessor was like, "You're gonna have to start soon cause you have a lot of slides to go through" and when I finished in 8 minutes or so (the max time was 10 minutes), she commented, "I guess you can finish it in less than 10 minutes". Awesomeness! People do get annoyed if you went over your allocated time.

6. Do something special

If you really want to stand out, make sure you leave an impression. Back in KMB, I remembered 2 of my best presentations:

i. English
It was a really simple presentation, and we only presented verbally but the special thing was that our points which were written on the whiteboard were concealed by pieces of paper and when we wanted to highlight the point, we would rip the paper apart from the whiteboard thus revealing the points. My teacher, Ms Nora Azany liked the audio effect which kept the audience interested in our presentation, alhamdulillah :)

ii. TOK (Theory of Knowledge)
Since I got good feedback for my Eng presentation, I used the audio revelation effect of the papers for my TOK presentation but this time, all of my team members wear toga. Google this to know what it means :P Our topic was on Atlantis, so the reason why we decided to wrap another piece of cloth around our daily attire.

If you're from KMB, you might remember this cool design. Well, I borrowed these 4 coloured sheets to be used as our toga, haha.

To those who do not appear on my Prezi, that doesn't mean I don't remember you ^__^

As for my life in medical school; for CFU, which carries a considerably high percentage for my 1st degree, I used Prezi for the 1st time which definitely gave me a perfect score and as for the presentation a few weeks ago, I simply used a catchy title for my presentation (I cannot type the name of the title right now cause I don't want to be caught plagiarised from my own blog, lol). But an example would be from the title of my CFU coursework - Lean on Me which is obviously a song title.


I realized that I would always try to give an excellent performance whenever the presentation is something that would give me the chance to win a prize or an excellent result.

Yet Adlan Wafi, you failed to realize that your life is a performance of a lifetime. So why can't you show Him what you can do? So before the curtain call, you still have time to make an impression...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

with you i'm born again

Last week was the end of my attachment in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology..

..and yesterday was the start of my 10 week attachment in Peadiatrics (Child Health) which I'm definitely excited about because I love children! Just look at this video on Moro Reflex which was shown during one of the lectures yesterday. I can't wait to do one:

How I wish I'd known about it when Irfan Wafi was small ^_^

Well, that's Peadiatrics for you but for now, I want to talk about my previous attachment..

It was a very long duration, 10 weeks filled with tears, pain and blood (from the patients' side that is). Through my perspective, it is a very delicate and sensitive area of specialty that is not designed for certain individuals..surely, these individuals include me.

You see, I'm not really into handling ladies who suffer from severe pain, cry a lot and I'm certainly not fond of examining you-know-what on a daily basis. I have to say that this specialty requires a great deal of empathy and sensitivity from the doctor to deliver care to these patients. It's not that I'm not empathetic or sensitive enough, all doctors are required to have these traits; it's just that the topics revolving around this area are simply not my cup of tea.

What I got from my 10 week attachment was that, I've gained a better appreciation of my mum who had underwent the process of labour to deliver me and my siblings. When I was in the Labour Suite (a ward filled with women in labour) for 1 week, it was quite difficult for me to look at the distress portrayed through the women's faces. When they screamed, or when they cried, I felt really sorry for them. It made me wanna call my mum promptly and talked to her. But when the baby popped out, it's like one of the best feelings you ever experienced. I just can't help smiling so brightly.

Well that's for Obstetrics (relating to pregnancy and birth); as for Gynaecology (relating to female reproductive system in general), these patients cry a lot too. When I was at the hospital last week, a high proportion of the patients that I saw on that day cried when I met them. And I'm not good at handling ladies who are in distress. It's a skill that takes time for me to develop. The best I can do was to give my please-be-strong look and I'm-just-trying-to-make-you-feel-better smile which I don't think it did

You see, I have a great deal of empathy towards my patients but I'm trying my best not to get too attached to them (not that I've attached myself to a patient previously). Yeah, I'm this kind of doctor. Obs and Gynae is a specialty that taught me life is filled with events which are not in our control. Like when my first patient in Labour Suite had a baby with meconium aspiration (baby poo inside his lung), I felt so bad for the parents, they were really nice; some things are just out of our hands. The father went to pray for his newborn's health. And I thought, "Yeah, I can do that too". 

Obs and Gynae also made me think of my mum even more. I kept having flashbacks of her every now and then during my attachment. I'm simply grateful to have a great mum. This is one of the wonderful experiences in the world of medicine. It made you appreciate life even more...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

this little light of mine

Since I am no longer a student blogger for my university, I shall now talk a lot more on my life as a Medic on being me.

Last Monday, I attended a Learning to Teach Clinical Skills (LTCS) workshop which is entirely optional and I decided to become a teacher to junior students just because I like teaching others. One of the tasks that we're supposed to do is to teach a non-clinical skill to our colleagues which can be origami, tying shoelaces, dancing, plaiting hair and many others.

Being me, I told myself that I want to do something simple. That Monday morning, I thought about origami but that is too mainstream in the workshop. So, I stared at my red Jimmy Bo Crumpler bag encasing my 550D and began to think.. I'm a photographer. I should be able to think of something interesting and easy to do with my DSLR. Then, the image of Zuhri doing multiple light painting shots whilst in Sabah popped into my mind.

My light painting during the LTCS Workshop with my name

And I was like, "Thank you Allah, I'll do that."

All I remembered was it needs to be on the "BULB" setting. So, I googled to find out how to do the rest. It was fairly simple to teach to others and I thought that I stand a chance of winning the prize for the most interesting skill on that day. Hehehe.

I went last in my group and alhamdulillah, my colleagues loved it. And so did the facilitators and yeap, I won. Yeay! I chose a packet of Eclairs as my prize from the bag of goodies.

You know, ideas come and go. If you're not aware of the idea when it comes to you and gets preoccupied with something else, the idea might just go away and you may never be able to retrieve it back.

So does hidayah, Allah gives hidayah to those who seek it. But if you let it go or decided to ignore it for something else, then you may be lost..forever.

Hence, when you get the chance to be given hidayah from The Almighty, grab it. Cause you never know when your next chance is going to arrive...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

good time

The driving lessons

On Wednesday, I began learning back how to drive. After so many years of not driving a manual car, getting back behind the wheels of a manual vehicle can be quite awkward. Surprisingly, my first stall occurred closer towards the end of my first lesson. I expected it to occur sooner. My instructor is really nice, he doesn't make me nervous and was very patient to have a reckless driver like me as a student. It's just so funny to drive a manual car again. I always laughed on my own in the hallway when I got back home thinking of the silly things that I did while driving and how my instructor managed to maintain his sanity despite my incompetence. 

I could actually feel the adrenaline rush of driving again. It felt so good and I need to get my license pronto so I can get back on the road.

When I was driving, I kept telling myself "Don't kill anyone, don't kill anyone". Lol. And my instructor said that he likes my confidence and the driver nature in me. He's funny, I know. And when he asked me how to spell Wafi, I said "W..A..F..I" and he replied, "I like it" (this is like his favourite sentence).

Yeah, I like having you as an instructor as well and hopefully, everything will be fine.

Taking bloods

The butterfly

As a medical student, you are expected to be able to take bloods from patients competently. Ever since I became a 4th Year medical student in July 2012, I haven't had the opportunity to take bloods. The last time I took some bloods was in CP1 (Clinical Phase 1, 3rd Year Medic). So on Thursday, I was on Gynae on-call when the F2 (Formula 2 doctor) asked me to take bloods from a patient that I just took a history from.

My reaction towards the request by the F2:

Source: link

Cause it has been a while. So I was pretty excited to take bloods using the butterfly. I was pretty nervous at first and yeah, adrenaline was kicking in. For me, it's still a big deal to take bloods as a student. After getting the equipment ready, I was ready to stab the patient. I said "sharp scratch" and inserted the needle. I saw the flashback (flashback means I'm successful and is shown by the return of blood into the plastic tubing when the needle accesses the vein) and got excited cause the needle's in the vein. I took a tube and attached it to the butterfly to retrieve the blood..but none came out and I was like "Nooooo.." (monologue). I really want to begin my 4th Year with perfect beginnings. I twitched the needle slightly and out came the blood ever so quickly. The patient exclaimed, "Ooooh, it came out so fast" and I replied, "Yeah *eyes gleaming* ". Success!

I went back to the F2, showed her a tube of  bloods and hoped for some positive reinforcements. 

Her response, "Please write her details down". 

Yeah, it's not a big deal to these doctors. They take bloods like everyday. But I still enjoy taking bloods. It's just so much fun. And if I decided to go into Psychiatry, I don't think they take bloods that much so I might as well enjoy doing it now before I'm no longer able to do it.

* * *

Some things are enjoyed by some people while at the same time, they may be considered dull by others. So Abdul Haq Mohaidin, kau bosan! 

There are so many things in life that are perceived by others differently. The way to embrace these differences is to respect others' opinions. But if you're studying Economics, it's going to be hard for you to have a sense of empathy as demonstrated by my housemate.

As for me, I love driving and taking bloods. I do love a lot of other things but that's a different story...

Sunday, September 02, 2012

it's not right but it's okay

Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to all!

Anyway, here's my pantun raya for this year. 

Seram sejuk menusuk kalbu,
Gigil menggeletar duduk tersipu;
Ku inginkan lemang di kampung nenekku,
Apakan daya, cuti hanya 2 minggu

Bersalam tangan bulu meremang,
Tika tibanya waktu akad penentu;
Kerana ku memang gilakan lemang,
Inilah lemang perantau overachiever ku.

I know, it's been 2 weeks already but who cares. It's my blog ;P

You see, being a Medic is hard enough. We don't really get a day off for Raya unless you ask for permission early or just skip a day. (I was lucky because I didn't have much on that day and the Medical Course Office granted me a day off a few days before 1st of Syawal unlike my 'beloved' Teaching Fellow who can't be bothered). Our typical schedule runs from 9-5 on weekdays and sometimes, it happens during weekends. And you always feel tired, poor or sleepy most of the time. In addition to that, we still had to face the mockeries of an Economics student named Abdul Haq Mohaidin. Well, since I'm sleepy and need to go to a male GUM (Genitourinary Medicine) clinic tomorrow, I shall keep this simple as I can (yeah, right).

Btw, this is my 2nd time raya overseas. The first one was in 2009 and I just realized I didn't write a pantun in that post, lol.

Source: FB

Exactly a week ago, me and my friends held an Open House event. We brought our A game and showed the Malaysians and some of our local friends who we are. The delicacies include: Ayam Kuzi, Roti Jala, Nasi Impit, Kuah Lodeh, Kuah Kacang, Rendang Ayam, Soto, Cheesecake and I prepared Lemang. I called it Lemang Perantau Overachiever because:

Lemang - Duhh, dah benda tu lemang
Perantau - To describe that the Malaysian delicacy is made overseas
Overachiever - Because I'm Adlan Wafi

And here are the sources for the inspiration of my recipe:
Link 1 - to use a combination of the steamer and oven
Link 2 - to ensure that the lemang is thoroughly packed
Link 3 - to be patient and ensure the coconut milk is mixed well with the glutinous rice
Link 4 - to be meticulous in the preparation
Link 5 - a traditional recipe; to remind me of kampung

Source: FB

Yeah, nama pon Lemang Perantau Overachiever. Haruslah resipi sampai 5 baru puas hati. So technically, I mixed up all 5 recipes to prepare the lemang that I made during the open house.

The result?

Well, it's not exactly like the ones you'd find in kampung. But okay la..

Oh right, I put the name "Overachiever" because I've seen too many Lemang Perantau. It's time to be specific. 

And of course, it's the effort that counts. Not the result really. But surely, mestila nak buat lemang yang sedap kan? Betul, maka usaha haruslah ke arah itu. Dan keputusannya? Biarlah Dia yang menentukannya.

That's what it means to be an overachiever. 

You strive hard like you're an A+++ student eventhough you're mediocre.
You try to shine like a superstar eventhough you couldn't light up a spark.
You aim for Jannatul Firdaus eventhough it is doubtful that you can enter the lowest level of heaven.

And from hereon, I change my blog name to Overachiever...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


By publishing this post, I can finally focus on some other things in my seriously.

It's time to end the chapter of my Halfway Breakaway by closing it with this entry about my trip in my 3rd destination country - Germany.

Munich & Schwangau, Germany
22-24 Feb 2012

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I was ready to go back home after Austria as I really had a great time in Salzburg. But it's the probably the only overseas holiday I have till I don't know..winter?

Right, before I forget to mention, when I was travelling by train to Austria or Germany, local authorities wearing regular clothing came to me & Fikri and asked us to hand in our passport for inspection. I guess this is their way of maintaining border control. Quite casual really and I like casual.

Day 5 - Wed, 22 Feb 2012

We departed from Salzburg quite early in the morning but it only took about 1.5 hours by train.

The e-ticket in a language that I don't even understand. 
Yeah, you should buy it online and it's cheaper per person if you buy 2 tickets on one purchase rather than 2 separate tickets. Just go to Google and translate when you want to get your tickets. Works for me.

How to get around? Just go to the Tourist Centre and get the cheapest deal on the best available ticket. As for us, we went for the City Tour Card - 3 Day Partner Ticket inner district worth € 29.90. This ticket also gives you discounts on various tourist spots. N.B. If you're a student, you can pretty much get the same discount on a range of tourist attractions with your student card. 

Next, get a map of the tram network. If you're a true traveler, you'd have no problem figuring it out. If you're not, better hope that the locals like to help you.

So, our first stop was BMW Museum. We wanted to go to the factory but unfortunately, it was fully-booked till Friday (last day). Well, I'm not bothered. As I've said before, I'm ready to go back home after Austria. 

Day 6 - Thu, 23 Feb 2012

On this day, we went to Allianz Arena and went on the tour. I know, sangat tipikal. 

 Allianz Arena at night

 The three colours of Allianz Arena

The Megastore at Allianz Arena

Later, we wandered around the city of Munich.

 If you're in Munich and you're a milkshake fan, make sure you try this brand. Really one of my favs! And banana is still my favourite.

 Schnitzel Burger. It's halal and the restaurant is near to the train station. The reason why I wanted to try it was because it was featured on The Amazing Race -_-"

And hot chocolate of course since I have passion in food. 
Sangat sedap walaupun muka akak yang buat air ni garang.

Day 7 - Fri, 24 Feb 2012

On the final day of our holiday, we decided to take a train ride to Schloss Neuschwanstein in Schwangau. It's a castle which was built according to the wishes of King Ludwig II. This castle is also the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle and featured twice on The Amazing Race. This was probably the only day in Germany where I became slightly excited.

And then, we flew back home arriving at Manchester airport in the middle of the night. I planned to proceed to Zilal before heading off to Liverpool the next day for the Medical Careers Conference (in which I became a centre of attention). I know, really need to keep a low profile from now on. Yeah, right.

Anyway, when I arrived in Manchester, I began searching through the houses for Zilal. I sort of forgotten which one it was, lol. I called all 4 of them but none picked up their phones and I began to think...hmm, they're probably having an extended meeting O_o. So, I began thinking about what to do - like go to the streets and beg for some money like I was on The Amazing Race just for fun or go to Moonlight and devour the desserts till I get diabetes or go to Jazeera and add a few inches to my waistline. In the end, I decided to search for the correct house on my own. A few minutes later, I got a call and alhamdulillah, they were home :D

When I reached the house, I saw all 4 of them in my frame of vision - Rahim (Bat), King, Alif and Capek; all of their faces beaming with joy! I'm like, wow..I should really treat my guests better, haha. They were soooo happy to see me. Imagine a group of children waiting for their parents to come home after work. Yeap, that's exactly how I think they looked at me. Yeah, I'm happy to see them too~

As for Fikri Hakim, well he went back to Liverpool since he had something urgent to attend to. And I just want to thank you for doing all the worrying and planning for our Halfway Breakaway. I wasn't even stressed at all. All I did was being happy-go-lucky and untroubled by any problems we encountered throughout the journey. You on the other hand, looked like you're about to get a heart attack, lol. So yeah, you helped me feel at ease before I entered a period of stress - The Clinical Phase up until my graduation in 2014. Hence, sorry and thank you.

That's all for me to say, and I need to read something on Obs and Gynae...