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Visa Guidelines is back

Alhamdulillah, I got married to a lovely lady by the name of Sarah and we're enjoying our new phase in life since that momentous day.

And yeah, I graduated from the University of Nottingham and thus, escaping from the evil clutches of my medical school. woot2! probably needs a post on this as well but yeah, maybe later.

at the bottom of this blog, there is an article on visa guidelines for medical students graduated from UK medical schools under MARA scholarship who are planning to work as an FY1 doctor in the UK.

After all, it was my visa guidelines which i made 5 years ago that helped me to get to know a lot of people and for some, have now become my close friends. And it helped a lot of other people as well. So I hope that this guideline would ease your efforts a bit. Visa application is always confusing.

Scroll down to the bottom for the guideline

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

because of you

did you know...we should do everything for Allah?

"Every single thing - starting from the glorious dawn when we wake up till we close our eyes under the night sky; it's all for Allah"

7 things, being me, Nov 3, 2008

Well, I suddenly remembered several events in my life which made me feel so tense, so apprehensive that I couldn't imagine anyone else being in my shoes.

Before I go on, here's another place where I stopped by during my trip...

5th April 2010

A typical street in York

Yeap, Maliq joined us and we had breakfast at Bettys while discussing a very interesting topic

York Minster, Northern Europe's largest gothic cathedral

The 2nd spiral staircase that I climbed after the one in Oxford's, and it's much higher and narrower (285 steps)

York Boat!

I guess this picture sums up everything :D

Back then, when I was in MRSM TGB (MRSM Jasin), I shared with Yati (Deputy President of BWP 05/06 and then she became my classmate, M07J KMB 07/09) a saying which is coined by myself,

"Whenever you feel tense or under pressure while doing something, always remember you're doing it for Allah"

Adlan Wafi Ramli, MRSM TGB, 2005/06

And when I remind myself that I'm doing it for Him, it sure made me feel less burdened or stressful and I feel more peaceful and sort of untroubled.

Yeah, we might be doing something because of various reasons.

I arranged the heavy tables at the dining hall of MRSM TGB (with the help of friends) because it's my job, I study because I want to pass the exam, I want to play the piano (or keyboard) because it's been my childhood dream, I smile like 24/7 because I promised myself when I was a kid (at least, that's why I think).

Whatever the reasons are; we should know that the core, the basis, the underlying intention of why we're doing everything is truly for Allah :)

And now, I shall continue to study...

5 reviews:

  1. I've always overlooked the word motivation, not noticing that there's a word, "motive" somewhere inside it. Motive is the key component of motivation. So what's ur motive of doing stuffs? pleasure of Allah.. simply and completely put.

    p/s: hope it makes sense to u, happy studying. No, happy excelling! (aimless rambling)

  2. yep. you'll not be easily feel tired/ breaking down in the middle of your way when u know that the reason u're doing it is worth not for this world, but the hereafter :)

  3. to eL,

    thanks helmi, happy studying to u too :)

    p/s: ramble2 pon ade isi jgk :D

    to itana,

    well said...;)

  4. sometimes, you really should go back to your old posts you know.. :D

    You don't often get the things you want;
    even if you flip open the quran every now and again, you'll find verses in which Allah says,
    “ Maka adapun manusia, apabila Tuhan mengujinya lalu memuliakannya dan memberinya kesenangan, maka dia berkata: “Tuhanku telah memuliakanku”. namun apabila Tuhan mengujinya lalu membatasi rezkinya maka dia berkata: “Tuhanku telah menghinaku”.(Al-Fajr(89):15-16).

    its all just a test Adlan, ujian, to check whether we're grateful or not with the rizq He has provided :) you may not feel like thanking Him now, but truly, there's a lesson that He might want us to learn, and also because He knows you can do it! yakin ke even if you managed to secure a psychiatry homebase, that choice is the best one for you? betulkan niat adlan..whatever you do , no matter how taxing a task is, you always know for whom you're doing it for..

    orang yang selalu kecewa jugak when she doesn't get the things she want; but tries to accept things just the way there are,
    -i ka

  5. true.

    sesungguhnya peringatan itu perlu..

    and i thank you for reminding me...